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Ramesh Raskar, an MIT Media Lab Professor can see around corners. Though this sounds like some kind of superhuman superpower it’s actually current science fact.

Professor Raskar and his team have developed a very (very, very) special camera which can take pictures at a trillion frames per seconds. At this speed you’re not taking pictures of people, or even light – to a point, you’re taking pictures of time itself!

This is a groundbreaking method of photography with incredible possibilities, again, seeing around corners, applications in public safety and even checking out the human body without the need of an X-Ray machine.

In his TED talk, Raskar notes that camera manufacturers need to focus (pun intended) less on megapixels and more on the future of photography – instead of “taking” or “capturing” pictures we’ll likely be “computing” them.

Amusingly Professor Raskar points out that Coke didn’t sponsor the experiment…. imagine if they did:
“how long will our product be on video?”
“hmmm less than a nano-second”

Author: Andy Quayle

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