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You let your dog outside to run around in your fenced in yard. Next thing you know the dog is gone. Do you just hope he comes back? How long has he been gone? Where is he now? Thanks to tagg The Pet Tracker and the Verizon Wireless Network those questions can now be answered. With this GPS device you can not only know when you pet has left a pre-determined area, but find the exact location and with a smart phone and the tagg app you can get driving directions to your pets location. Check out the review below for this must have device for dog owners.

For you pet owners, the feeling of finding out your dog has run away can be devastating. For some, pets are like their children. The ability to know almost instantaneously that your pet has left the area, where they are located, and how to get to them would be a life send for some people. tagg gives you this ability with a GPS receiver that attaches to your Dog or Cat’s collar and sends a GPS location to your smart phone or computer thanks to the Verizon Wireless Network.

The tagg GPS unit is slightly larger than a quarter and about 3/4 of an inch think. The device weigh’s only 1.16 ounces so there is no strain to your pet’s neck. The tagg comes with everything you need to be able get tracking your dog as soon as you give the device a full charge. The box includes The Pet Tracker, Charging Base, Power Cable, Two Collar Mounting Tab’s, and a User Manuel

First step is to attach the tagg The Pet Tracker GPS unit to the charging base to let the device get a full charge. The could take anywhere from about 30 minutes up. There is a light on the tagg that stops flashing once the device is fully charged.

While this is charging you can find the correct size base to use depending on the width of collar you dog and or cat uses. Also if your animal has multiple collars, this kit has enough parts to have a base ready for 2 collars.

Next we can set up the device and personalize it for your pet. During set up you enter the normal things such as address, billing information, owner information and contact information. You can receive alerts through text and email . Next you can personalize the information to your pet. You can enter the name, age, color, and even a picture of your beloved pet.

Once the device is fully charged you will get an alert message and or email depending on how you set up your device with a fully charged notification. We can attach the GPS unit to the base and you are good to go.

On the tagg website they give you a map that you can view the location of your pet, be it at home or wherever the animal has run too. You can also view the charge status of the collar, billing information, options to add additional pets or charging stations, and also there is a tab to view all the notifications you have recieved from the collar.

tagg also has an Android and iOS app that allows you to view the same things from your smart phone. One of the additional features of the smart phone app is the ability to click a button and the app will give you driving directions from your location to the most recent GPS location of your pet.


Alerts are automatically set to your devices that you have pre-authorised during setup for when you device leaves the pre-designated area. This app gives you the ability to adjust how large of an area you dog can roam before an alert is sent. You will also be alerted if the battery is low or if the GPS unit has become detached from the base. You can also see when the device has had a software upgrade.

So how about if you take your dog to the dog park. No need to worry about taking the collar off to avoid false activations. There is a button on the front of the collar that will stop alerts from being sent while your pet is traveling with you.

How the tagg works;

The tagg is based on  a Quallcomm chip for long battery life. This chip tracks your pet via GPS and sends the information to your smart phone on the computer via the Verizon Wireless Network. This gives you not only a reliable location, but the nations largest network to assure that no matter where you or your pet are, the network will be there to reunite you and your pet.

The tagg has a base cost of $99.95 and comes in gray, pink, blue, or white. Monthly service is $7.95 per month. With the purchase of a $99 pet tracker you get a month of complimentary service. If you are buying this as a gift, or would just like to buy a block of service up front, tagg offers 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month gift packs.

Check out the Verizon Wireless website to order yours today.

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