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The cellhelmet™ guys from Pittsburgh have done it again – this time expanding their guaranteed protection across all phones, tablets and handheld gaming devices (including the new iPhone), through their new line of cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors.  cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors are soon to be the only covers on earth, which come with a glass replacement guarantee, should they fail to protect a device from scratches.  Production is already underway and shipments are scheduled to begin in mid September, but the company is utilizing to crowd fund awareness and pre-sell cellhelmet Screen Protectors.
“We see crowd funding as a means to build awareness and community, more so than a method to raise money.  It’s much more important to make sure that people know who we are than it is to grab a lump sum of cash.  After all, the success of our future business fully depends upon consumer interaction with our brand.”
-Mike Kane – Co-Founder of cellhelmet™

Help cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors launch by pledging on IndieGoGo – you can currently snag an EARLY BIRD special of $12/$22 for your phone/tablet.

cellhelmet Screen Protectors

After IndieGoGo, you can purchased the cellhelmet Screen Protectors at

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