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The Summer holidays are just about over for the majority of families. Children are back at school, extra-curricular and after school activates are starting, busses are being caught, events are being attended, families are being picked up and dropped off – hectic schedules ensue.

During the school year parents trust their Children to any number of adults, in any number of places at any time. Teachers, club/group leaders, other parents, coaches, ride shares, friends etc. etc.

Wouldn’t it make you feel better if you knew that your child was where they were supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there?  How about getting an alert when they arrive at soccer practice? How about one when they leave soccer practice?

From ‘tracking’ (for want of a better word) your child’s whereabouts to simply having them text or call you to tell you they’re ok or to keep you updated with what they’re doing and where they’re doing it phone providers are making it ever easy to know that your kids are safe and that they’re using their mobile devices responsibly.

T-Mobile has a suite of mobile applications that give parents peace of mind. Heck, maybe these applications would even change your mind about letting your child have a cell phone at all!

“But my kid will be up all night using their phone! It’ll cost me thousands of dollars per month!”
Actually no – with services like Family Allowance you can easily set up-front limits on minutes, messages, downloads and more.
Use it as a supplement to their regular allowance – or as a bribe.  “Take out the trash and I’ll give you 10 text messages”.
Even restrict when they can use their phone. No phones after 10pm? Grounded? no problem.
Stay in control of your family phone bill.

“But my kid can access ANYTHING on the Internet. I have no control over what they’ll get into”
Nope – Web Guard monitors your kids’ Internet use on their Mobile Devices – restrict mature content and set the restriction level that works best for your little mobile user.

“My teenager will text and drive – I don’t want that”
It’s a nightmare scenario, one that we all dread whether have children or not.  T-Mobile’s DriveSmart is available on certain devices and limits calls, texts and application use while the phone is in a moving vehicle.  GENIUS!

“My kid will lose their phone. I’ll lose my kid!”
Worried about your child misplacing their phone.  Worried about you misplacing your child?
With FamilyWhere families can locate any mobile device on your T-Mobile account any time.
Schedule automatic check-ins, send your location manually, get check-in notifications and more.

“If I lose my phone, I lose my photos, contacts and memories”
We’re at the point with our mobile devices that we’re always taking photos wherever we are.  Although these pictures are irreplaceable we rarely print hard copies and never get them ‘developed’.  They sit on our phones so that we can show whoever takes the slightest interest in seeing them.
T-Mobile has a Mobile Backup service that keeps your data safe in case your phone gets lost, damaged, or even if you upgrade to a new phone.
Restore your address book and other valuable data easily.

It’s all easy and inexpensive, if not free.   Don’t know how to use it?  Just ask – T-Mobile actually recognizes that many kids are head and shoulders ahead of their parents when it comes to technology. Stop into a T-Mobile store to talk to the staff and learn more than your kids will give you credit for.

Don’t go crazy though.   Don’t lock your child’s phone down to the point that they can only call you.   Don’t stalk them using the locator all day, every day.   Just remember that it’s all there when you need it.   Remember to use it when you need to use it.
Don’t forget your passwords either!

Now – scroll down to enter to win a Springboard Android Tablet! Make your kids and everyone else for that matter completely jealous Smile

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