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Bring your wedding day, wedding party and your guests together with a FREE app!

If I’d have heard about this app on the street I might have been a little skeptical. If I’d have seen it used at a wedding I might have given it a try.   Not what I’m actually reading about it  I’m thinking it’s pretty handy!

Planning a wedding?  This might be a great idea – and it’s all free!

Just sign up, set out the Place Cards, and use!

The Place Cards give just simple instructions for your smartphone touting guests: download, register and enter your Wedding Name.


With the app, guests work together and can…
See a photo of the Happy Couple to-be right there in the app

Sign a digital guestbook

Take photos and upload them directly to a dedicated WeddingApp gallery (high quality)

Create a Facebook Wedding album with one click

Bulk upload pics

  Comment on each others pictures and more
It’s all completely free too.

imageOne of the nicer features is that photos are uploaded and can be displayed in a timeline – eliminating the inevitable “wow, when was this?”.   It also paints kind of a story, in order, of your special day.

Even better?  no need for disposable cameras!    Maybe one day technology like this will do away with the Wedding Photographer? – Crowd Source your photos.


Check out the Wedding Party App Web Site

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