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By Alexandra Jacobs

Every follower of fashion knows that in September there is only one place to be, New York City. As the city is freshly stocked with the latest designs and willowy models eager to debut the best looks of the coming season, the entire fashion world poises over the Big Apple, eager to take a bite. Those who make it to the party are treated to first looks at new lines, raw creativity and the opportunity to make fashion history as they decide which looks will define the coming season of style. Latecomers get the scraps, if they’re lucky. That is, they did until this year.


Fashion week 2012 opened with a history-making twist as Twitter became the guest of honor at parties all over Manhattan. Tweets from clothing line debuts and runway shows hit cyberspace in unexpected numbers, taking tomorrow’s fashion from the catwalk downtown, to the Brooklyn stoop, and back in a split second. Enthusiastic designers and apprentices alike received instant feedback from critics and commoners.

With fashion week still in high swing, forecasters are already predicting the hottest trends for the new season. Looks with the highest number of retweets and FaceBook likes will be high on buyers’ lists for the new year. Busy wholesalers working tirelessly in San Francisco, London, Paris or Rome suddenly find the guesswork of their trade almost eliminated. Unlike before when following fashion week required travel, airline tickets and sleepless nights in pricy hotels, this year’s fashion week finds wholesalers and retail buyers watching the parade from home and responding almost immediately thanks to social media.clip_image004

With the risk of over buying shrunk to a minimum, shipments of hot-off-the-runway fashions are being confidently ordered and stocked in stores even before the models have left the catwalk. The speed with which 2012 Fall fashions are premiering worldwide is nothing short of breathtaking. The looks of Minsk and Milan, Paris and Rome, London and New York that stalk down the cameras in the Big Apple today are likely to arrive in Smallville tomorrow, where now no individual is too insignificant to get a morsel of fashion week’s tastiest dishes all for their very own.

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