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One of the things with many tech-related KickStarter projects is that they might seem gadgety, gimicky and otherwise rather useless on the surface but when you stop and actually think about practical applications they start to make sense.

This is the case with a recently listed KickStarter project –  LIFX – a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-colored, energy efficient, LED light bulb that you can control from your iPhone or Android device.

Overly Geeky, right?  well, think again.

Sure – keep it simple – turn your light on or off with your phone and avoid a light switch. Yes, that’s kind of nerdy. Change the color of said light via your phone? Yes, that’s even nerdier.

However, there’s more.

Control every light from your phone. If you have a number of bulbs you can control each from your mobile app. Turn on the bathroom lights from your bed and avoid stubbing your toes.

Set your light to wake up and go to sleep thus waking you up and sending you off to sleep with automatic increasing and decreasingly light.

Have your lights turn themselves on and off when you get home or when you leave.

Light your home to match your music.

… or… just use a light switch…..

Yes, this could make your home more energy and otherwise efficient.   Turn off all your lights from one “switch”.    Imagine what it could do for business – turn on/off specific zones.   Control colors, intensity, mood etc. etc.

It’s extensible too – Control your lighting from your desktop eventually? expand the idea to other forms of home automation?
Oooh!  How about a Wi-Fi booster built into the bulb?


For a $69 investment you can get your very own bulb……

Check out the Wi-Fi light bulb here

What do you think?

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