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Apple and Amazon aren’t the only forward-thinking companies utilizing tablets — Nissan is unveiling a removable tablet dashboard in its newest concept vehicle. The Japanese automaker will unveil its new TeRRA SUV concept at the Paris Motor Show, which kicks off later this month, as reported by Along with a gage-displaying tablet, the TeRRA also features three electric motors and an energy-generating hydrogen fuel cell stack. Nissan hopes this self-sustaining vehicle will generate buzz throughout the highly anticipated exhibition. Soon to be displayed on dealership websites, like, the 2013 TeRRA is sure to turn some heads.

Take Your Dashboard With You

Rather than a traditional mounted dashboard, a tablet locks into place just behind the steering wheel of the 2013 TeRRA SUV, says The tablet serves as an “intelligent key,” and must be locked in place to start the car. Along with gage functionality, it also provides theft protection. No word on whether Nissan plans to provide tablet functionality outside the vehicle, but the integration is one of the most unique uses of this relatively new repackaged CPU.

After Apple’s release of their iPad in 2010, experts and engineers touted the tablet computer as the next great revolution in auto technology because of its portability, productivity and diversity. A strong processor and convenient size combined to open up a world of possibilities, and Nissan’s development reinforces the notion the tablet computing is more than a fad.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Nissan has been developing fuel cells since 1996, and its newest stack costs one-sixth of its 2005 predecessor, according to a Nissan press release. Hydrogen fuel cells create a chemical reaction to oxygen, generating electricity. Within the TeRRA, hydrogen-generated electricity powers the front wheels with an electric propulsion system and rear wheels, which each feature an internal electric motor.

Fully sustainable technology means the TeRRA emits zero greenhouse gases, and while hydrogen isn’t yet widely available, Nissan has positioned itself ahead of the curve. The Nissan Leaf already offers a completely electric driving experience, but hydrogen fuel technology is the next step in EV development.

Additional Features

True to concept car traditions, the TeRRA elicits futuristic visions with a sleek, rounded body (Nissan dubs the shape an image of “Modern Toughness”), accented LED lights and glowing blue trim, as seen on . Nissan disrupted conventional seating with a staggered layout, which centers the driver and gives every passenger a view of the road ahead. Additional features include:

  • A completely flat cabin, perfect for transporting bikes, furniture and groceries
  • Beachwood-acrylic interior accents
  • A slim, tapered steering wheel console
  • A stabilizing metal frame outlining the interior

Paris Motor Show

Hundreds of exhibitors are set to roll out their newest innovations at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The biennial show has been one of the most anticipated motor shows since its inception in 1898, according to Edmunds.

A three-door BMW, updated Lexus LS, and hybrid Mitsubishi, are just a few of the expected introductions, along with plenty of scintillating concept vehicles. The show runs from Sep. 29 to Oct. 14 at  the Paris Expo, and tickets are available at

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