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Autumn is here and many are looking forward to planning a drive to view the beautiful fall foliage.

This autumn, Verizon Wireless recommends the following apps to help make the most out of leaf peeping season.

· Foliage Leaf Peepr (free):
o Offers a color-coded map that shows where in the country the leaves are turning and at what stage they’re in (turning, moderate, peak, fading, etc.)
o Users can make foliage reports by posting photos, writing comments, and rating foliage status for their location.
o Available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

· Audubon Trees ($4.99):

o Audubon Trees—A Field Guide to North American Trees can help any leaf peeper become a tree and leaf expert.
o This apps lets users browse and identify trees and leaves by shape, family, and name, and comes with an advanced search option.
o Once a user has identified the shape, users can find specific leaves and read all about it.
o Users can then share findings on Facebook, and even report the sighting in the app.
o Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

· InnTouch Bed and Breakfast Locator (free):

o This app offers thousands of bed & breakfast options for those looking for a quaint place to stay during their leaf peeping trip.

o Offers detailed information on each property with photos.

o Helps users locate inns around them, or offers search function by city and state.

o Provides instant access to contact the inn for reservations.

o Available on iPhone and iPad.

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