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imageTechnology is ever changing and growing. For a business to survive and for people to have the latest products and service, technology must grow so that business operations run more efficiently so the consumer can enjoy products that make their lives simpler.

So it isn’t surprising that people are jumping on the new technology that is Cloud Computing, often referred to as just the Cloud. The Cloud offers a way for businesses and individuals to save data, files, software applications and other resources in a remote backup data center located on the web. With this new remote backup storage available, it has made working with documents and programs easier.

This is one of the reasons that companies and organizations are spending close to $109 billion on Cloud Computing, with an expected $207 billion expected to be spent by 2016, according to With businesses pouring such funds into software and programs that run on the Cloud, individuals will be seeing a variety of programs and devices become available during the upcoming years.

Mobile Technology Affected By The Cloud

While computers will have access to the backup storage and applications, the Cloud will also be available to all mobile technology. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets will all have access to Cloud technology so long as they have Internet connection. This is a great asset, since these mobile devices have a limited amount of memory and data storage space available to download every application that the mobile user will want to use.

Instead, these software applications can be accessed online without having to be downloaded and installed. This saves valuable disk space and allows mobile users to access the information on the go anywhere in the world. People who travel while on business will have the information and documents they need at the touch of their fingertips on the touchscreen.

Programs Becoming More Compatible With Cloud

Due to this mobile technology of touchscreen combined with Cloud, companies are redesigning programs that will utilize all these features. Microsoft offers a redesigned word processor document for those mobile users who have tablets, according to The program combines Cloud Computing with social media networking as touchscreen mobile users can create documents and save them in the remote backup storage.

With software and mobile applications available through Cloud, how will businesses be able to make a profit from consumers? A software company now can have the consumer pay a one-time usage fee for the application, or the consumer can be placed on a pay-as-you-go program where they pay the software company a small fee anytime they want to use the program.

When New Computer Platforms are Available, Tech Innovations Appear

This new computing platform has opened the tech gate for innovators to reap the benefits by creating and adopting new technologies that use Cloud. The year of 2012 will mark the dawn of the computing platform, but it will not be the end of what the tech world will see in computing. It will become an exciting time for consumers and businesses who jump on the bandwagon and accept how Cloud can change how backup data and applications are stored.

Will information be safe on the web from hackers or viruses? Will it make software applications and general computing more efficient for users? Or will technology be able to discover the full possibilities of Cloud? Only time will tell.

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