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Smart crash reporting for cyclist bicycle (and other) helmets?

Currently being funded through indiegogo, the ICEdot Crash Sensor is a marvelous idea that promotes personal safety through technology.

The idea is that you (buy and) mount the ICEdot Crash Sensor button on your motorcycle, bicycle, skiing, or snowboarding helmet (or any other helmet you should use) and when you inevitable bump your head the sensor, through your Smart Phone, notifies your emergency contacts.

It’s a great idea!

Yes, we all fall from our extreme sporting stuff from time to time but what if you were biking alone, in the middle of no-where?

Here’s what happens. After failing to complete your crazy 180 degree double duck-squat with an inverted rabbit tail you land on your noggin.
Naturally, you’re smart enough to be wearing your helmet at the time, right?
The ICE sensor sounds an alarm and starts a countdown.  If you’re able to stop the countdown and show that “I’m ok!” then everything stops.  However, if you’re unable to stop the countdown because of some debilitation injury, your emergency contacts are notified, GPS Coordinates are sent and with a little luck you’re safely rescued and can ride another day.

oh, and “ICE” in emergency service terms stands for “In Case Of Emergency”.  Makes sense.

They have a long way to before they’re fully funded though.

Find out more on the ICEdot site

Check out the project on indiegogo

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