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Our next add-on for the Nexia Home Intelligence System is the Schlage Home Motion Sensor. With this sensor you can be instantly notified if someone or something is in your house when you aren’t home. Combine this with the Home Camera and record a short video when the sensor is activated. How well does it work? Keep reading to find out.


Schlage has made this sensor a self install device once again. This is what makes the Nexia Home Intelligence such a great value. Reasonable price plus self install to save money.

Once again, you will need to pair your Sensor before installation. Press the (+) plus button on the Nexia Bridge, insert the battery (included), use a push-pin or paperclip to press the reset/activate button inside the motion sensor and you system will automatically pair.

Now you can install this where ever you like. They give you two mounting options, double-sided foam tape, and screws.

If you have pets you know that sensors of this type can be troublesome due to your animals setting them off every time the move around you house. Schlage has included the ability to adjust the sensativity for animals up to 50 pounds. That way you will not have to worry about those false activations. The Motion Sensor comes this way out of the box. If you don’t have any animals you can move a jumper inside the device and it will increase the sensitivity. If you are worried that someone my try to tamper with the device the have a built-in anti tamper alert that will send you a message that states someone tried to open/tamper with your Motion Sensor.

You can also combine this sensor with a home camera to record whenever the sensor notices motion in your house.

The detection Area: 20’ * 39’ (this is a radial distance) with a detection angle of 90 degrees.

Nexia says that the battery is good for up too 3 years. This sensor must also be within 60 feet (on average) of either the Bridge or another Neixa device.

Price for the Schlage Home Motion Sensor is $69.99 and comes in white. A one year warranty is included.

Check out Neixa for this and all of their other great products.



Author: Ben Oaks

Ben is a 911 Telecomunicator and a tech nut. Ben was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. He reviews Verizon Wireless products for and is the owner of His hope is to bring you the reviews you want to give you an informed decision on products you may be looking into.