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Now, there are three words you don’t see together very often – “Ethical Affiliate Marketing“.

It seems that more and more, in certain circles, affiliate marketing can be really quite sneaky. They’re always working on driving you to the sale, there are all kinds of little tricks that people use. You’re often not quite sure about intentions. Companies built on shady practices in Affiliate marketing sadly tend to be the norm.

This is where Jon Rhodes comes in.   Jon runs – a site which focuses on ethical affiliate marketing and the right way to do it.

There are posts filled with positive tips and tricks on how to get started and stay ahead in Affiliate marketing.   There are lots of (welcomed) Guest Posts too.

Yes, the site full of opinions (everyone has opinions) – the information shared on there is tried and tested by actual affiliate marketers.  These marketers are sharing their knowledge to help others thrive in their best practices and strategies for long term success.

Jon doesn’t hide either.   He’s right out there. His about page tells you all about his background as an affiliate marketer in the UK.

The site has a rather basic look to it.  The posts are engaging though. There are a fair amount of likes, tweets and comments on each one – always good to see.

Are you interested in affiliate marketing? How about doing affiliate marketing the right way?   Check out

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