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Satellite Broadband Internet Service

Believe it or not, not everyone lives in a major metropolitan area – not everyone lives in suburbia either.  There are still some folk who live a little further than typical broadband Internet connections can reach.

Fiber, Cable, Wireless, even DSL and Cellular Data can’t reach absolutely everywhere.

Surprisingly few people realize that Satellite Internet is actually a thing.  Even fewer realize that it’s now more affordable and more widely available than it ever has been.

It used to be that high speed Internet over a Satellite (dish) connection was slow and unreliable at the best of times but with advances in technology satellite internet speeds are now reaching up to four times faster than DSL.

Maybe you have a remote home, a business, a vacation cabin – maybe other Internet Service Providers just simply haven’t got to where you live yet (it does happen).  Maybe it’s time to look into what different Satellite Internet Service Providers can do for you.

Wait! Don’t just jump into it though – there are more than a couple of Satellite Broadband Internet providers out there.  Naturally some are better than others. Service quality and pricing and vary quite remarkably.
Do some research, check out sites like – check out the FAQs and the customer reviews.  Research rates, speeds and service areas.



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