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Helo TC

Looking for a gift for the kid who either has everything or who just got a touch screen smart phone but wants something unique to go with it. Well, Verizon Wireless now is offering accessories and various other devices that complement all of their smart phones. The Helo TC Helicopter uses your touch screen smart phone as a controller to fly around a battery-powered helicopter. Will your husband/boyfriend/son/whomever enjoy this and make for a great Christmas Gift? Keep reading to find out.




The Helo TC By Griffin Technology is a fun little toy to go along with your Android of iOS device. In the box you have the Helicopter, controller,charging cable, and some spare parts for if you get a little crazy while flying.

The controller requires 4 AAA batteries to operate, The Helicopter has a built-in rechargeable battery that is recharged by the included USB Cable. The cable has a red LED light on it that goes out when the Helo TC is fully charged.

Now you need to either go HERE for Android Devices or HERE to download the iPhone app.

The controller has many options for you to choose from. When first starting out you need to make sure that the frequency of the controller and the Helicopter are the same. Once you decide between A, B, or C you are technically good to fly. ( The Frequency you need to use is stamped into the metal on the side of the Helo TC)

Now to decide how you want the controller laid out. You can choose from either the throttle on the left or right side.

There is two different ways to fly the Helo TC. You can choose between the stick directional control, or tilt to steer which uses your phones accelerometer to take the movement of your phone and use it to control the Helicopter.

Now you can fly to your little hearts content ( or till the battery dies).

Once you get good at flying the Helo TC there is an option to record your flight and then you can have the Helicopter fly that same pattern with just the push of a button.

The Helo TC also has multiple LED’s that can flash while you are flying. If you don’t want the lights, there is also a button on the app to turn the lights on and off.

Both of my son’s loved this helicopter (the pet’s not so much). They flew the Helo TC as much as I would let them. I was quite surprised with the durability and no matter how many times it was crashed, by accident or otherwise, it didn’t break.

There is a slight learning curve with the Helicopter but after a while, even I could fly it without crashing the Helo TC in 10 seconds.

The Helo TC by Griffin Technology is available from Verizon Wireless for $49.99 and is available online as well as in store. (My local store has it, but you may want to call ahead just to verify). The Helo TC is well worth the money for the amount of fun it will bring both you and your kids while flying it. Also if my review doesn’t have you sold, check out your local Verizon Wireless Store as they have been know to be demonstrating it throughout the store.



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