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Here on TechBurgh we don’t cover just tech news in and around the Pittsburgh area – we like to cast out net further afield too.   This is why piqued our interest when we came across it.

While you couldn’t tell from the domain name, is a new, fresh, thriving community of passionate Singaporeans who want to share their little World with.. well… the rest of the World.

When I say new, I mean just started in 2012 kind of new. The young age of the site isn’t deterring the community though – as of today there are nearly 11,000 reviews in nearly 4,000 listings.

Who better to run a review site than locals? – smart locals at that 🙂

Their mission is simple:

  1. Providing tourists visiting Singapore/Malaysia with the platform to have the best travel experience possible with high quality reviews, guides and articles
  2. Providing locals with valuable resources on hidden gems so they can rediscover their country all over again

TheSmartLocal does what they do very well too. They don’t just take any old “review” – “…only reviews with considerable substance written with effort will be published…”.  It’s nice to see quality control on a site like this.   So many sites take content quantity over content quality.  Check out what else makes different on their About Us page.

The site is categorized and laid out very well too – highlighting things to See & Do, Eat, Shop, Sleep and more.

What shows the administrative passion for the site, right now at least, is the lack of advertising.   So often review sites like this are plastered with ads.

So, if you want relevant, community driven, unbiased Singapore reviews – check out


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Author: Andy Quayle

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