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The market for 5″ smart phones keep growing and growing. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just one of the players in that field. With a SUPER Amoled Screen and a Quad Core Processor, does it have anything to make it stand out from the crowd? Check out my review below to find out.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 actually has a 5.5″ screen. The screen is SUPER Amoled with a resolution of 720 x 1280. This screen is by far one of the best I have used to date. A combination of large size and HD clarity make it awesome for both daily use and for watching the occasional TV show and movie. The large screen is great for reading books with either your Kindle or Nook app also. For people who have a difficult time seeing, the large screen with larger icons also makes using the Galaxy Note 2 easier than some other smart phones.

The Camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is 8MP and takes awesome pictures. The camera has options such as Panoramic Mode, Burst Mode, Facial Detection, multiple different scenes, Share Shot (lets you share photo’s via Wi-Fi) and many more options. The Camera can also take 1080P HD video’s at 30 frames per minute. The resolution is 1920 x 1080. The camera can almost replace both your video camera and regular camera. The front facing camera is 1.9MP and is great for video calls. Also if you use the front facing camera for your profile pic on Facebook, you are almost guaranteed to have the best looking self-portrait there.

Thanks to it’s larger screen you know that the battery will get sucked dry faster than some other phones. To keep this from happening Samsung used a Quad Core Processor along with a 3100 mAh battery. The stated battery life is 22 hours of talk time. Me as a heavy data user, could get about 6-8 hours per charge. I find this to be a very respectable amount of time for such a large phone. My time is mostly data with screen on full brightness. The battery is removable which gives you the option to add an aftermarket extended battery if you would like longer battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a Arm Coretex A9 Quad Core Processor running at 1600 MHz. This helps the phone not only run so fast, but also helps it save battery life at the same time. There is also a Quad Core ARM graphics processor too. The Note 2 has two Gigabytes of built-in system memory and 16 GB of usable storage. There is also a microSD slot that can handle up to a 64GB card. The phone also features NFC and S Beam which allows you to share photo’s, movies, and files with just touching your phone to another compatible device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a innovative stylus that stores in the phone. The stylus has a button on it that can be used in conjunction with the S Note app and you can take and edit pictures with just a click. This takes the normal stylus and kicks it up a notch. With the S Note app you and even leave yourself messages, make shopping lists, create birthday or holiday cards, or any other number of things right on your Smart Phone.

When this phone came in the mail I was almost put off by the size of the screen. After using it for a little bit I fell in love. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is so fast that is almost knows what you want before you even press the screen. There was no lag what so ever, and the phone preformed flawlessly. The stylus/pen combo is a great feature and it’s nice that they stylus has a slot built into the phone for storage. the S Note app is something that should be standard on any device that includes a stylus. The battery life is very acceptable for a phone of this size. With 16GB built-in storage and the ability to add up to 64GB more, there should be no issues with running out of storage space. One downside with the phone being the size it is, is the fact that it doesn’t fit into all pockets. I highly suggest a holster or some sort of other protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cause  the Gorilla Glass while strong, isn’t strong enough to stop that massive cracking that happens when the phone says hi to a concrete sidewalk. The ability to multi-task and do two things at ones is also an extra star on the Note 2’s report card. While the price is $299.99 with a new 2 year agreement, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can replace both your current smart phone and table with ease. Check out Verizon Wireless now for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and all the other fine phones available now.


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Author: Ben Oaks

Ben is a 911 Telecomunicator and a tech nut. Ben was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. He reviews Verizon Wireless products for and is the owner of His hope is to bring you the reviews you want to give you an informed decision on products you may be looking into.