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In the challenging 2013 business environment, customers demand more amid shrinking budgets and shortened timelines. Moreover, mission-critical projects and system enhancements often exceed budget, take too long, and ultimately don’t meet business needs.

Enter the Business Analyst (BA). BAs of today have an expanded role and skill set.  They are involved throughout the system development life cycle—from business-process improvement efforts to application enhancements and product development. Because of this, many forward-thinking leaders are coming to the realization that BAs can help them achieve the effective outcomes they need.

On any given day, an online job search using the title “Business Analyst” will return almost 100 openings in the Pittsburgh area alone. And supply isn’t meeting demand. Closing this critical skills gap should be a top priority for any organization looking to increase its project success rates, and to grow and improve its business. A two-pronged approach is best:

  • Leverage highly skilled BAs to achieve immediate project success
  • Institute a long-term BA Competency strategy

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