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Have you lost sleep at night wondering if your web site is still up or not?
Do you constantly throw off your analytics by checking your site from everywhere you are, using every device available to you?

Even if you’re not that concerned about your web site uptime, it’s still a good thing to know.   Even if your host is one of the better ones out there it doesn’t necessarily mean that your site is stable.
There are many factors that can affect the performance of any site – plugins, coding, exploits, DoS, mega-traffic and more.

What can you do though?
Check out this monitoring service – – it’s a marvelous service that pings your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week – up to 1440 tests per day! All for about $6 per month – a bargain.

Yes, offers typical site monitoring services –  They use different monitoring stations on different continents to monitor your site.
Not only do they check your site reachability, but they ensure that your content is available and they send you instant SMS alerts should something go awry with your site.

For $6 per month (or) $59 per year you get one site monitored every minute and 200 SMS Credits (if you need more than 200 downtime alerts, you need a new site/host), instant email alerts, Google Analytics integration and WordPress and Joomla! Plugins.
Check out the Pricing Page for a list of goodies. 

To explain what they do and why they do it there’s an extensive write-up of the different services used to monitor your site, how they’re used and why they’re used. Check out the Monitoring Features.

If you’re too cheap to spend $6 per month on your beloved site there is a free monitor too – it’s a lot more limited, you have to register and add a microbanner to your site – see:

It’s well worth spending a few bucks on a service like this if you have any kind of a web site.   Not sure?  use the 14 day trial to check it out for yourself. Sign up here.


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