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Ultra-high capacity battery for mobile devices

Ultra-high capacity battery for mobile devices

Recently funded on Kickstarter – an Ultra-high capacity battery for mobile devices.
A small form factor battery that can recharge and device that would normally charge using USB.

It’s essentially a new, fresh perspective on portable power.   Anthony Vilgiate thought that he could pack more power into portable batteries, make them more friendly and cost effective than those currently on the market so he started his very own Kickstarter project to make it happen.

Anthony asked for $25,000 and the 1,600 backer strong crowdfunding community believed in his project so much that he has far surpassed that goal with nearly 4 times in funding!

Just a brief watch of the project video shows you how much Anthony believes in his project and how far he has gone with the production and prototyping already.   It’s really quite impressive.

Starting at $30, you can back the battery project and get your very own charging system (6600mAH) – from there, the prices go up to $50, $65, and $95 for different incarnations of the battery pack.

Estimated delivery is May 2013

For just $50 you get the Expedition:

Expedition – our highest capacity 11,200mAh Lithium Ion portable recharging system.  Recharges both an iPad (1x) and your iPhone (2x).
High impact polymer case.  Two USB outputs.  8 adapters for all your mobile devices and digital cameras.
Available in black or white.  

Yes, I backed it.  Even with all of my mobile devices, I don’t have a portable battery pack – you really can’t go wrong with $50. With a battery pack and the adapters it’s really quite a good deal.


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