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With innovative new Android phones coming to market, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, leading online video creation company, today introduces its newAndroid mobile video editing app which offers a cloud-based “iMovie-like” editing experience for Android phone owners who have the Jellybean OS on their mobile devices. Starting today, the app is available as a free download on the Google Play store.

“Mobile video creation is happening anywhere and everywhere nowadays,” says WeVideo CEO and Co-Founder, Jostein Svendsen. “You no longer need to be a professional film maker to create great looking videos. The move toward consumer-created content has grown significantly in recent years due to the mobile technologies that now reside in people’s pockets. Unlike iOS, we think the Android platform has, until now, lacked a decent video editing app. WeVideo believes the Android market is ready and waiting and we are thrilled to offer our powerful editing tools to the Android community.”

WeVideo App Features
WeVideo offers the only mobile app in today’s market that syncs with a unique online video “creation environment,” enabling customers to capture video on a video camera or smartphone, edit their footage on any online computer, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world. Videos created with the WeVideo Android app can be edited, trimmed, stylized and published from the phone, or saved to be edited at a later time, with the sophisticated, yet simple, online WeVideo Video Editor.

· In-App Recording – Record videos and take photos directly through the WeVideo app.

· Mobile Video Editing – WeVideo gives customers full creative control over their projects. Customers can create a project, select video clips for that project, trim and arrange clips on a timeline and adjust clip volume.

· Automated Styling – With the click of a button, the final “look” of a video can be customized with a variety of personal and professional themes that include pre-selected background music, video transitions, titles, effects and filters.

· Mobile-To-Cloud Syncing – Videos added to the WeVideo app sync with the customer’s WeVideo account in “the cloud” so the customer’s content is backed up and accessible for further editing.

· Simple Yet Sophisticated Sharing – Final videos can be saved on-phone or shared with a number of networks including YouTube, Vimeo, or customers’ WeVideo accounts. Automatic notifications can also be sent on Twitter and Facebook.

“We have been testing the beta version of the WeVideo Android editing app for weeks now, and to a very positive response,” says Mark Floisand, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for WeVideo. “We have spent those weeks adding and improving features and overall app functionality. Today, we are confident that this is an app worthy of carrying the WeVideo brand name.”

Compatible Android OS:

Compatible Android Phones
Samsung Galaxy S4 (upcoming phone)
HTC One (upcoming phone)
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Google Nexus
HTC Droid DN
Sony Xperia S
Sony Xperia Z

Get the WeVideo Android App Today!

About WeVideo: WeVideo™ is a cloud-based video creation environment that helps people collaboratively edit and create video. WeVideo brings professional video editing tools to everyone, across multiple browsers and mobile devices, with an easy-to-use feature-set and social project sharing. WeVideo helps people easily create full-featured, collaborative HD video by editing across multiple browsers and mobile devices. Founded in 2011, WeVideo is based in Palo Alto CA, built upon market-proven technology that originated in Scandinavia.

Why WeVideo? Personal video creation is experiencing explosive growth; with almost everyone carrying an HD camera in their pocket, WeVideo estimates that, in the U.S. alone, there are more than 100 million people capturing video but not editing, because video editing is viewed as time consuming and complicated. WeVideo wants to change this with a range of easy-to-use, powerful video creation tools that run in any web browser, from any online computer and now on mobile devices.

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