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bacon love

bacon love (Photo credit: Sidereal)


[ Hat tip to Justin Kownacki on this one – he brought it to my attention on Facebook yesterday. ]


Google is, at long last, bringing remarkable changes to the Gmail interface. They’re selling it as “a new inbox that puts you back in control” (see here).



Among other improvements, Gmail will be using “inbox groups”, your mail will be sorted into categories and tabbed. It’s all very cool and very exciting and about time. You can watch the video and read more about it on the Official Gmail blog.


However, the main point behind this post, and what I’m most excited about ,is that Slate wrote about these new improvements and wrote an entire piece on how Gmail will handle Bacn.
You’ve heard me ramble about Bacn before, in fact it was on this very site that Bacn was first rambled about – EVER.


Four individuals coined the Bacn term way back in 2007 at PodCamp, a Social Media event. And now? wow, Google is Handling it 🙂


Justin puts it so very well in his post…


“…if you want proof that individuals really can change how global companies do business, I think “prompting Gmail to change its functionality based on a 6 year-old joke made in the hallway at a geek meetup” is a great example.”



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