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A Polycom VSX 7000 camera used for videoconfer...

A Polycom VSX 7000 camera used for videoconferencing (top) with 2 video conferencing screens for simultaneous broadcast from 2 separate locations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(ARA) – Video and Web conferencing have been around for decades, but the quality of the video and audio has proved disappointing and frustrating due to technology glitches and overall poor performance.


However, a new cloud-based system, OmniJoin, recently launched to change all of that. The OmniJoin cloud infrastructure provides a number of benefits to video and Web conferencing such as reduced costs from less hardware and IT; more scalability and increased response time compared to systems based on standard servers.


This video and Web conferencing technology provides the following unique advantages:


* Users can enjoy crystal-clear video images (up to HD quality) and seamlessly-synched audio


* It allows for enhanced collaboration and integration: During meetings, teams can view and edit documents in real time, and can then save the marked-up files for future reference. Users can also transfer files, and access presentations and videos, without having to exit the meeting


* Secure video meeting recording lets hosts concentrate on the discussions, knowing they can replay the meeting again later


‚ÄúDespite its advanced features, OmniJoin Web conferencing is surprisingly simple to use,” says Bill Henderson, vice president of Brother International Corporation. “We designed its user controls – like on all Brother products – to be clear and intuitive. This ease of use, combined with free customer support for the life of your license, makes OmniJoin service a smart, worry-free choice for any business.”


In addition to its cutting-edge product features, the conferencing tool helps small, medium and large businesses maintain the bottom line by eliminating airfare and other travel expenses – not to mention removing the added stress of going through airport security and potential flight delays. According to numbers provided by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, round trip domestic airfares in the past year are up 10 percent overall across the country. As companies search for new ways to do more with less, OmniJoin provides one solution without sacrificing quality and collaboration.


For example, Secure Telehealth, a Web-based platform for telepsychiatry, needed a video conferencing system to serve as a virtual meeting room between patients and health care professionals across different regions. It was important that the system provided superb audio and video quality to meet the demands of independent practices for sudden consultations. Secure Telehealth implemented the OmniJoin system to address these challenges via the cloud, thus eliminating hardware costs and travel expenses.


The product is offered on a few pricing levels: Basic, for $49 a month; Pro service, for $79 a month; and for large companies needing several simultaneous conferences, flexible, cost-effective enterprise licensing plans. For more info, check out:



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