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Not unlike a car or home, a computer purchase is an incredibly personal decision. A shopper in the market for a new computer is after a product that will not simply perform basic functionsbut also support his or her lifestyle by making every day easier. The computer shopper’s decision must factor in price and availability, but also the critical details that will make a new PC or tablet a perfect fit for their way of life, including how powerful and mobile it is and the physical form the device takes.


Fortunately, a new breed of devices powered by the Windows 8 operating system is on store shelves to meet the needs of a wide variety of lifestyles. In fact, there are more than 1,800 Windows 8-certified devices on the market, and new devices that offer a range of computing options for every personality are continually being introduced across the country. Since its launch in October, consumers and businesses have shared overwhelmingly positive feedback about their experiences with Windows 8 features that marry the usability and interface of a tablet with the computing power of a PC.


Whether a user is balancing personal and professional computing tasks or simply wants a faster, more fluid navigation experience, there are Windows 8 device options that rise to the challenge of both the casual or business user’s individual needs and preferences. If you have your shopping cart ready but need some guidance knowing how to fill it, here are some tips:


  • For the mover-shaker: Compact, touch-enabled tablets like the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, and convertible PCs that effortlessly transform to tablets (and back) like the Dell XPS 12 make work on-the-go easy.



  • For the power computer: Large, powerful all-in-one PCs with high-definition screens like the Dell XPS One 27, the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart or Samsung Series 7 can handle sophisticated professional graphics, data and file size demands.


  • For the marathoner: Computer users enjoy “instant on” and extra-long battery life with the ASUS VivoTab RT.


  • For the conscientious computer: For users watching what they spend, as well as the environment, Toshiba Satellite versatile laptops offer plenty of choices for a variety of needs and budgets, and feature an eco-utility tool that reduces power consumption without interruption to computing.


Microsoft OEM Vice President Peter Han details the features of these devices and more in a video created to help individuals and businesses shopping for new Windows 8 devices with their purchasing decisions. While computer shoppers can select devices that meet very individualized needs, all Windows 8 users benefit from an intuitive, touch-enabled interface; optimized battery life; streamlined computing through an abundance of keyboard and mouse shortcuts; and unprecedented PC-to-smartphone compatibility.


Visit the Microsoft Store to take a look at all of the options to make the best choice that works for you:



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