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Online Surveys for Money HQThere are so, so, so many “paid survey” opportunities advertized online.  Most of which seem to find their ways into our SPAM folders.

Surprisingly, there are some legitimate opportunities out there to be paid to answer questions online. How do you filter the legitimate opportunities from the scams though?

Well, Megan Flemming took it upon herself to help us out with this. She writes a blog – and fills it with tips, tricks and (most importantly) links to the survey opportunities that pay best.

Megan has a nice site, with an engaging community on the posts that she has up. Its always good to see comments, it tells you that people are actually reading posts instead of the author just blindly throwing them out there.

I’ve been a part of a couple of online survey programs. The problem with me is that I’m too impatient, and too easily bored I suppose, I don’t like to work through all the questions.   I suppose I should really sit down, take some surveys and make some money myself sometime.

So, if you’re interested in safely, legitimately, honestly, making a few bucks online taking surveys, first check out and learn a thing or two before you get started.