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I happened across a site/service called “Dwibbles” this week.  Interesting name for a very cool service.

Here’s how the Dwibbles people describe what they do:

“Dwibbles is an easy way to manage all your social media accounts and receive a relevant news-feed based on your interest. Dwibbles is smart. Over time, Dwibbles learns what’s important to you by detecting the topics and people you follow the most. Whatever you’re in to, Dwibbles will understand what and who you find interesting and make sure you never miss out! Dwibbles allows users to digest their everyday content intake (social feeds, news, media, etc) as well as manage their social media accounts from one easy to use platform.”

Genius!   It works too – very simply, but it works.
Remarkably simply actually – sign in with either Facebook or Twitter, add the other to your account and you’re off.

Easily see what is happening in your feeds and post to multiple accounts – currently Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Evidently in its infancy, the Dwibbles service has great potential, especially as the interface and algorithm develop to better serve users with the information.

The thing I like best about Dwibbles is its ability to learn. Learning what you like, who you interact with and providing you with that data and not the rest of the fluff that inevitably clogs our Social Media feeds.

An auto refresh on the feeds page, for example, would be wonderful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Dwibbles develops.   I can see me using it – a lot.

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