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Jawbone Up Black

Fitness is the new craze. Everyone one wants to either get in shape, make it look like they are trying to get into shape, or continue in your workout routine. But how do you know how well your workout is helping to meet your goals?  Jawbone has just the device to help you with that. The Jawbone Up is a bracelet that you wear on your wrist that not only helps you track the amount of steps you take in a given period of time, but also tracks your sleep patterns.


The Jawbone UP is and easy and convenient way to keep track of not only your movement and sleep patterns, but how many calories you take in and how many you burn. With a combination of the Armband and the App that is available for Apple devices, you have no reason not to be in shape. For those of you with allergies, the UP Band is made from Hypoallergenic rubber so you can also use the device.

First is getting the proper sized Up for you. There are 2 ways to go about this. First is you can measure your wrist with a string and then see how long it is. Then go to this page and they show you the diameter of band you need in either Small (5.5-6 inches), Medium (6-7 inches), or Large (7-8 inches). Also if you are getting your UP from Verizon Wireless as I did, you can go to any store that sells them and on the package is a gauge that lets you fit the dimensions of the band to your wrist to verify proper fit every time.

Once you get the package home you can go ahead and charge your device with the provided charging cable. The UP comes with an adapter that goes from USB to the 3.5mm jack that is on the UP. While you are doing this you can go to the App Market and pick up the UP app or the Google Play Store to be sure you are all set once you UP is fully charged

The Up has a battery life of up too 10 days with normal use. This keeps you from having to charge it every night and helps give you better tracking of your movement and sleep patterns.

Once you have the app downloaded and the UP Band charged, you need to plug the Up Band into your phones headphone jack for initial setup. Once this is completed, you only need to do this for syncing of the device either as often as you would like, or just before charging when the device battery gets low.

The UP has a precision motion sensor to accurately track your movements. Only problem I found with this during testing is if you drive on bumpy roads a lot, or in a vehicle with bad riding characteristics, such as an ambulance, your walking stat’s may be off. You can change between sleep and daily use with the use of only one button. You press and hold till you feel a vibrate, see the moon light up, and you are ready for your nap. Just wake up? Use the same method, feel the vibrate, see the sun, and you are good to go.

Once you sync your Jawbone UP to your phone it will show you both how many steps have been taken during the course of a day, but it also breaks those stats down by hour. This gives you the ability to see what part of the day you were most active, and visually track your sleep patterns.

Now that we have covered the UP Band, lets take a look at what the app adds to the equation.

UP App 1UP App 2UP App 3


The app as you can see from the Screen Shots above (from an Android Device) you can easily see with bar graphs your daily steps and your sleep patterns.

Another great feature is the fact that with the app you can add whatever food you eat during the day to track both your calorie intake, but also you can compare it to the calories you have burned during the day to see how healthy you are eating.

You can enter your food either by choosing one of the pre-entered food choices, manually entering what you have eaten, or if you have purchased either food or drinks from a store, you can scan the bar code and the app will find the information for you.

The Jawbone UP is a very easy and convenient way to either keep up with your fitness regime, or could be the perfect thing to start a new one. With a battery life of up to 10 days, convenient and easy calorie tacking for both intake and burning, you almost can’t go wrong with the UP. It stays out of the road for daily use, comes in a choice of up too 8 colors, and 3 sizes to fit and suite almost every ones needs.

You can pick yours up from your local Verizon Wireless Store or at . Price is $129.99 and they offer the UP in Grey, Blue, and Black.