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MySammy  - The Productivity Measurement Solution

We all know that it’s not nice to be constantly leaning over the shoulders of your employees.  It isn’t pleasant to micromanage.

However, when all you see is a member of staff at a computer, how do you know that they’re actually doing what they’re supposed to be and not… well… playing solitaire?

Check out MySammy – software that helps companies of all sizes measure the computer activities and productivity of their employees, without blocking or spying on them.

Why is it called “MySammy”?  The software started as a project for performance measurement for telecommuting employees (what a great idea!). So, “Sammy” comes from Session Audit Manager. Apparently MySammy is the sweetheart name of SAM.

What’s great about this software is that, instead of blocking internet access, blocking sites, controlling surfing, prohibiting instant messaging, and monitoring every user activity, MySammy engages users, provides quantifiable measurement, and trusts users to excel at what they do.

Why should you not block sites outright?  why not block access to Social Media? (some stats from the MySammy Site)

  • 56% of college students globally said that if they were offered a job at a company that banned access to social media, they would either turn it down, or ignore it.
  • 68% of college students globally believe companies should allow them to access social media and personal sites with their work-issued devices.
  • 87% of employees surf non-work-related websites while at work, and of them 53% engage in personal web surfing every day.
  • 56% of employees do not worry about their email or Internet use being monitored at work.
  • Only 35% of employees believe that surfing the Internet or sending non-work-related emails decreases productivity.

Find out who the super stars really are in your company.   Check out and sign up for a free trial.