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Typekids.comHave you ever watched someone type?  You can often tell the typewriter generation from the computer generation by how hard the keyboard keys are hammered.

Touch typing is increasingly becoming a lost skill. So many people use the “hunt and peck” method and devise their own ways of finding their way around keyboards.

I remember typing in a class at High School, on an old, clunky electric typewriter. Even though computers were widely available at the time. is a site that promotes better typing for kids with the help of Captain Forty and crew. By playing games and working through a pirate adventure your typing improves as you go.


Yes, there are sites like this online – and have been for sometime. They’re not all fun and they’re certainly not all kid friendly though.

What’s different about is that its entirely web based, not some piece of software.
TypeKids also learns with you.   It detects which letters you’re weakest on and works on those a little more as you learn.

Typing is an invaluable skill that doesn’t appear on many resumes these days.

There’s a FREE Trial and the whole course (30 lessons) only costs $49.95.   I think its a great deal.

Also, a Spanish version of the course or “curso de mecanografia” is also available.

Check out and put your kids’ keys to work.