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imageThere’s hosting and then there’s hosting. 
A company like Tubu Internet Solutions offers simple hosting solutions. Reliable, affordable people who want sites that do stuff.

For a much more complex hosting solution, you’d need a company like INetU.

What does “complex” mean exactly? 
Some online concerns involve Security, Certifications, Compliance and performance swings.

Hosting isn’t just about sites either. More and more databases, Software applications and other services are housed on servers.   Let’s not call it “web hosting”, it’s more like “company data housing”.

HIPAA compliance is very important to anyone in the healthcare industry.  Businesses and organizations need to make sure that any information passing through a site or being held on severs is super secure and fully compliant.
HIPAA has very strict standards for data housing – as well they should – no-one wants medical and patient information being illegally or maliciously.

Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructure needs to be easily and rapidly scalable.
When does healthcare need their systems the most? Probably when they’re busiest and when the servers are under the most strain. This is when systems definitely need to not fail, and when systems need to be the most stable.

How about SAAS (Software As A Service)? Instead of locally running applications and databases – information, applications and databases are centrally housed on the cloud and accessed from terminal users via a variety of devices.
This is great because there’s only one application to maintain. However, we have all of our eggs in one proverbial basket. What if your data housing fails?  Your users all end up adrift.
A secure, stable, supported, responsive provider can help prevent leaving your users high and dry.

INetU has put together a very nice infographic which explains everything you need to know about complex cloud hosting better than I can – find it here.

Talk to the experts – chat to the folks at INetU