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Top 5 Free Apps To Manage Your Conferences

Top 5 Free Apps To Manage Your Conferences


We live in an era where technology has the power to transit time and stay us connected despite barriers of distance and networking. As digital platforms emerge with potential capabilities; providing us with smart phone guides, apps, web-based products, social media functions, as surviving grounds to enhance business, don’t you think chances to get hooked with less effective methods can’t be neglected? However, as conferences holds the key to drive business, event organizers are under pressure to get it done the best way, especially now as financial meltdown is at strike.

A cost-effective strategy would be way helpful. If you are ready to adept on the advances of digital possibilities, conferences can be executed without any frustration, right from your touch screen. Yes, if not you hit the exact conference app or event app provider!

These days, nowhere we see people without smart phones, moreover, it is becoming an obvious partner for speakers, delegates, attendees even in meeting rooms and conference halls, so why not explore the smart phone surface and get conference going? Apps are one among the vivid solutions where you can jump into. So are you stumbled upon apps and baffled on which one to leverage for your conference? Here are the top ones to manage your conference.


You might have came across Evernote app few many times and failed to check out. Evernote, the award winning app helps you pin down ideas, what you see and hear on the go. Evernote has turned out to be one of the favourite event apps for attendees, marketers and event planners. With this winner app on your laptop, smart phone, iPad or tab, you can create different notebooks with required notes in each one. Do you think you can make the best of the presentations with this simple-to-use content guide? Once you create free account, you can sync all your data across your PC, Android, iPhone or iPad. Thanks to Evernote, as your iPhone winks low battery, you can switch to other device, enhancing networking without wasting time.


Get going to places you wish with Foursquare. One of the top and must-have app for better conference. You need not be scared of getting lost when stepping to a different place; Foursquare guides you where attendees are. You can download this free app to any of your device and see how convenient to reach conference without being frustrated of searching for venues. It can update those you wish to follow you, a handy app to meet personal affairs. For example; you are returning back from the conference and your spouse is driving from work the same way, it becomes easy for you both to track and go home together.

Ustream Live Broadcaster

Take your conference more live and interesting. Found anything fun to share on the event, want to get a live conversation with a delegate, Ustream channel offers an enjoyable time with live videos on your iPhone. It encourages live interactions globally with a larger audience. By using the phone’s camera, you can broadcast live events to viewers, thereby improving branding efforts – reaching wider audience. Keeps you updated with notifications of the event you are heading to. With Ustream on your device, you don’t miss out conferences anymore. It is free to download.


A smart app, which converts business cards to contacts and later pull it to LinkedIn. As you get cards connected on LinkedIn, it becomes easy to track history, work profile, mutual connections and related details. You can retrieve fresh cards, via ‘recently transcribed cards’ section. With CardMunch free app on iOS phone, you can easily and quickly scan through business cards, even in low light conditions as it supports integrated flash feature. It ensures accuracy for manual transcription of scanned card. CardMunch provides instant interactions at your business booth, hence a convenient app for conference goers.


Hurray! You are free from bills, receipts with Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker. No more cluttered receipts and paper cuttings with Shoeboxed on your iPhone. Shoeboxed easily scans your receipts and archive it online. Take your receipts to this free app and see how it transforms these messy papers to accurate human verified data, labelled and categorized as IRS-accepted receipts. You can enjoy mileage tracking with just one click. This app quickly exports these expenses to Quickbooks, Outright, Wave Accounting Excel and other tools wherever on the go.

Got more free apps in your wish list? Do drop us a comment, and let the conference season be an ultimate experience ever!

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