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The world as we know it is run behind the scenes by dedicated network administrators. Whether you are taking a flight from London to Paris, or calling a customer service hotline, a network analyst is at work for you. Many of these IT professionals may have earned their network analyst degree online.

Lockheed Martin partnered in a video segment with Job Hunter and other well-known companies, to discuss the value of having an IT degree and what the company looks for in entry-level candidates:
• 2-3 years of college (Associates Degree in IT)
• Experience in Math, Science, and Computers
• Certifications the candidate has
• A strong desire to advance

The company does the rest. Lockheed provides a dynamic environment, exposing candidates to various computing opportunities within the company’s scope of operations, through extensive internal training and certification programs. The video segment highlighted that an entry-level network analyst can earn upwards of $50,000. WOW! The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that the entry level salary for a 4-year degreed person was roughly $33,840 in 2010. The fact that an associate’s degree can land you a job in one of the world’s largest companies is amazing…and the starting salaries are above the national average for college grads with a 4-year degree.

Focusing on Lockheed Martin’s video segment, an individual in a network analyst position may be assisting an air-traffic controller, maintaining and operating robotic equipment used in the manufacture of airplanes, or providing IT support through helpline services provided to the company’s external clients, such as the United States Government’s various departments and agencies.

For a moment, imagine you earned an IT degree using federal student loans; and you landed a fabulous job with Lockheed Martin as a network analyst, but you needed to call Sally Mae on your lunch break to inquire about your student loan interest rates. Interestingly enough, Lockheed Martin, the company you work for, is the company providing the IT support to the customer service representatives at Sally Mae enabling them to accurately answer your questions due to database management services provided by Lockheed.

My thoughts on the video and on earning an IT degree is, if you are in a hurry to start your career, and you want to maximize your earnings in a field that pays entry- level candidates solid middle-class salaries, consider a career in IT. Candidates are in high demand and will continue to be recruited according to BLS projections for 2010-2020. Whether you are earning an Associate’s or a Master’s Degree in IT, advancement opportunities exist for those whom remain current in industry trends, training, and necessary certifications. IT professionals can ALMOST write their own meal tickets. What would happen to the world if every network analyst called in sick on the same day from work! Let’s not even think about it!