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pecan_770._V354027384_ Ok, so this is less about the Pumpkin Pecan Crunch recipe and more about a brilliant Amazon Marketing strategy.

Your online store sells food, kitchenware and everything in between.   Why not post recipes and link to all of the ingredients, utensils, and accessories included in the recipe?
”Don’t have this? add it to your cart and we’ll get it to you. Probably tomorrow”.
“Need an oven? sure, we’ll get that, too”

It’s brilliant!

I hope that Amazon has people sitting around all day, writing obscure stuff that people need, full of things that people need.  And they need to do more of it.

It makes sense.   Absolute sense – well, at least to me.

However, I do see drawbacks.   Should you see a recipe on Amazon (and they’re not all that easy to find) that piques your interest, and you think to yourself “oh, I’d like to make this” and you fall for the marketing strategy and end up ordering half of your kitchen from Amazon to make your Pecan Crunch, you may have an excellent deal on a 13×9-inch baking pan, a set of mixing bowls, and a set of mixing spoons. You’ll have to wait a couple of days for your desert to come to fruition.

That’s ok though, if I can’t wait for a day or two for Thanksgiving desert, I don’t have enough problems in my life 🙂