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unnamedLightning Cables are something I seem to go through all too quickly.  I’m always buying them.

I’ll find a cheap one somewhere, it’ll work for a while and then my phone will complain that it isn’t compatible and will reject it.

No, I never learn.

Well, today I picked up a couple of “real”, cables.
I figured that if I’m going to spend the money, I’m going to do it right and get something fancy – and fancy they are.

Rocketfish has a variety of lighted cables – even the old-school 30 pin iPhone Cables.

When I saw “Lighted”, I thought that it was a nice novelty and that there’d be a few lights along the wire.   I was wrong.
These are smart lighted cables. They light up with a chaser light kind of effect from the power supply to your device – essentially showing the flow of power.

They’re lit both sides.

The lights turn off when your device is disconnected, and stop “chasing” whenever your device is fully charged.
Beyond that, you’ll notice that the lights slow and blink off whenever your device is close to being fully charged.

Each three foot cable will cost you about $20 from most retail stores.

The cables are kind of unwieldy just because of the material they’re made from – because of this, they appear to be sturdier than most.
The connection at the USB end is kind of bulky. I suppose this contains the light technology, but it is a minor issue.

They really are quite cool Smile


Compatible with select Apple devices: Including iPod touch 5th generation, iPod nano 7th generation, iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, iPad with Retina and iPad mini.

USB-to-Lightning connector cable: Syncs media, pictures and other files while charging your device.

Lighted-cable design: Keeps you informed about the charging and syncing status.

You can learn more about the lighted cables here

Buy your cables here