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Building on its years of innovation-driven research and development, today at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, AMZER™ unveiled its line up of connected and wearable devices. AMZERcontrol™ is a family of wireless automated control solutions which enhance as well as ease the consumer’s daily experiences and tasks. Both at home and work AMZERcontrol™ gives the user complete control of their paired appliances, personal lighting, lifestyle monitors, and wireless access controls. AMZERcontrol™ enables users to travel, work, play, enjoy; essentially be busy, yet be in complete control.
AMZERcontrol™ marks the beginning of a new era; a future where homes and offices will be connected wirelessly and the power to control will be at the users fingertips using their smartphones. The crux of operations is via a central control box which is essentially ‘the brain’ of the entire automation system. AMZERcontrol™ box easily pairs with the wireless router of the building, thus enabling all add-on AMZERcontrol™ products to communicate with the box. After the initial setup the AMZERcontrol™ app will be the remote control for all paired devices and appliances. The app communicates with the AMZERcontrol™ box which beams appropriate wireless commands to the paired units.
AMZERcontrol™ uses MESH node networking along with IFTTT web service which enables users to control the AMZERcontrol™ Personal Lighting System, AMZERcontrol™ Wireless Plug, and more using the intuitive AMZERcontrol™ App available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
AMZERcontrol™ marks the start of a new era at Amzer. “Entering the lifestyle enhancement and home automation market is clearly the next step in using our smartphones smartly.” says Pinakin Dinesh, CEO. Further he adds, “By using the latest connected and wearable technology in our products we are confident that our efforts will make this yet another bestseller from Amzer. I am proud of what my team has achieved with AMZERcontrol™.” Ginny Chorghade, co-founder, elaborates “These are exciting times. It’s a new consumer electronic space we are entering and this was clearly the right time to capitalise on our months of research and development, especially when connected devices and wearable tech is starting to show up in the hands of the consumers.”.
AMZERcontrol™ embarks the company on a journey into a completely new and relatively ripe market of lifestyle-enhancing, connected, and wearable devices. Amzer, already well-known for their smartphone and tablet accessories, plans to continue the tradition of delivering bestsellers and innovate and innovate products and technology ‘Inspired by Real Life’.
Pricing and Availability
Amzer will be retailing 4 products as part of the AMZERcontrol™ lineup in Q1, 2014 – AMZERcontrol™ control unit for $49.95, AMZERcontrol™ white light bulb for $34.95, AMZERcontrol™ RGB light bulb for $49.95 and the AMZERcontrol™ Wireless Plug for $49.95. Amzer expects to ship these products via online as well as offline retail partners and distributors in late February.
Future Plans
Amzer plans to launch a host of add-on enhancement products for the AMZERcontrol™ family in the 2nd Qtr of 2014 which will include wearables like necklaces, rings, and pet monitors, along with access controls, household appliances, as well as a paid-subscription based app with added features and benefits.
About Amzer:
Amzer was founded in 2003 by a visionary who realized handheld devices were vital for communication between people, and features of the many products available failed to meet their needs. Amzer’s team created the first line of accessories to include advanced functions users were demanding and combine them with contemporary styles. With rapidly changing trends in the technology market, Amzer follows that same basic principle, and is constantly introducing new products to the world stage. Over the years, Amzer has rapidly grown as a leader in handheld device cases and accessories throughout the world and continues to design innovative products aimed to enhance the life and features of smartphones and tablets.
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