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Pebble watch

Pebble watch (Photo credit: ckeene)

If you’re joining the smartwatch trend, then you’re probably also trying to find a way to customize the appearance to make your smartwatch more YOU. This is what I tend to do with every piece of tech that I acquire.

My process is literally:

  • Get tech.
  • Set up tech.
  • Find ways to customize tech appearance, preferably while offering protection at the same time.

I got my Pebble around the beginning of December. That very same day, I ordered a wrap from to try to personalize the appearance a bit. I got the Color Series Red version.

I followed the how-to video on their site and applied it. It was a little bit tricky and part of my screen protector had a bubble, but all in all, I didn’t think it looked too bad. I liked it.

But…red doesn’t coordinate with everything. (Hey, I’m a chick. I worry about this sort of thing.) I wanted to wear my Pebble as much as possible, so this meant getting a different wrap. I decided to shop around.

There are a lot of wraps and skins out there for the smartwatch. I settled onto because they had a wide variety of skins and the price was low, too.  I ordered the Infinity skin and just received it about a week ago. I finally got around to putting it on my Pebble. I liked it. The pattern seemed to suit me so much more and it would definitely coordinate with my clothes (as long as they’re not dressy since this watch is not at all dressy).

But when I stop to compare the two kinds, which one comes out ahead?

Slickwraps offer more complete protection. The wrap covers as much of the watch as possible, even including pieces for the buttons. They also provided a screen protector automatically to protect the most important section of the watch. Coming in at $8.95, it’s not expensive.

iStyles has a wide variety of styles, but I was disappointed that they did not offer any screen protectors, so I’m going to have to find a new one of those somewhere else (The screen protector tends to come off when you remove the wrap itself). At $4.99, it’s not a bad deal at all, but all you’re paying for is the look. Yes, it protects what it covers, but it only covers the front of the watch, minus the actual face.

Each wrap looks good once on, but if you’re wanting protection as well as style, you probably want to head towards Slickwraps.  I like my iStyles skin, but I’ll definitely be looking for an additional screen protector for the face. I want to have the best of both worlds: looks and protection.

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