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I’m not a biker (or cycler, whichever term you deem appropriate for riding bicycles). I haven’t ridden bikes since I was a kid, but as the world looks more towards going green (as well as just ways to save some cash), those living in the city might take a look at the Gi Bike.

The Gi Bike is a full size bike that can be folded in 3 seconds with one motion for storage or easier carrying. Carrying a full size bike up three flights of stairs to an apartment is probably one of the reasons many dn’t even considering biking as a form of transportation.

Not only that, but this is made to run up to 40 miles of electric assistance with its Li-Ion battery, making the ride less of a workout for those commuting to and from work. (Showing up at work consistently sweaty is rarely helpful towards any promotions.)This eBike comes with smartphone integration for apps and maps, to make navigation that much easier.

Stepping back to take a look at safety, the Gi Bike has special front-wheel smart lights on the sides that turn on at night, keeping you even safer in the evening. It also has integrated rear lights and an anti-theft locking system.

While there are many eBikes out there, the Gi Bike is the only one that is both full sized and has all of these features. They’re launching a Kickstarter project soon for this bike, so check them out.

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