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Teen Driving Test - ParkingThere are lots of apps, websites, and other technologies that you can use to keep your teen safe, but it’s difficult to decide which solution is right for you and your teen. Some are designed to keep an eye on your children while giving them the freedom to come and go as they please. Others are there to help them learn skills like driving, boating, and motorcycle safety. As your teen begins to venture into the world, driving cars, riding motorcycles, or even operating boats, it’s important to give them the freedom to make their own decisions. However, it’s also important to take steps to keep them safe from the most dangerous mistakes. According to the CDC, per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be involved in a fatal crash.”

Freedom, With Boundaries

There are many apps that offer parents the ability to track their teens. Some do this in a secretive way while others are designed to be less covert. Depending on your situation, you should choose the app that suits your needs. As a good option for parents and teens that can discuss and agree on boundaries, you should consider the Canary app. The creators of the app say it acts, “like the historic canary in a coal mine.” Parents can set boundaries and be notified when their teen breaks these rules. For example, you can designate areas where they cannot go, or limit the area they are allowed to explore. When the GPS on the phone registers that they have gone beyond any of these barriers, you will be instantly notified. This also works for limits on phone usage while driving, and many other concerns that can be monitored with a smartphone.

Driving Test

When your child is preparing for their driving test, there are many options that will help them study and even practice with. Here’s a short list of the more popular options:

  • US DMV Driving Tests

  • California Driver Test – DMV Written Exam Prep

  • IA Driver Test

Some of these apps are state specific and others are designed for general use across the United States. For example, there are permit practice tests for California that are specific to the state’s driving standards. There are some differences in regulations from state to state which can be addressed by a localized app. Unfortunately, not every locale has its own custom app. Since driving laws are mostly the same in all states, the general use app is a good place to start.

Boating Safety

Similar to the problem with driving test apps, boating safety apps have not been created for all locations. One online course that stands out is, which specifically designed for boat licenses in a wide range of states. While there are sites to help you register your boat online or register for and take state exams, there are fewer online courses for boating safety than there are for driving safety. However, this one site covers all the states with one stop.

Another great tool for boating safety is a personal GPS locator. These devices can be used to keep tabs on your boat and your teen. If they run into any trouble, help is just a button press away. These devices share your location with the press of an SOS button. Some even call emergency personnel and while alerting them to the device location for faster dispatching.

Motorcycle Safety

The vast majority of people in the US drive cars and have a driver’s license. However, fewer people operate boats and drive motorcycles. This means there are also fewer apps available to help study and practice for these tests. If your teen will be driving a motorcycle, the Motorcycle Permit Test app may be a good option for them. This app can help your teen prepare for the written part of the test. As for motorcycle safety technology on the bike, Honda now offers an airbag system that can reduce the risk of injury from a head-on collision, according to the brand’s website.