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If you’re a startup planning to create a site that’s sure to have a big following, developing the theme around video games represents one of the best choices you can make. No medium of entertainment has made the huge jump in revenue and fan base size quite like the gaming industry, which Gartner reports will reach over $100 billion by 2015. How can you design a quality web site about gaming that contains fresh information and compelling details?

Make It Mobile

The days of browsing the Internet on desktops and laptops haven’t just hit their peak; they’re already in decline. The advent of mobile tablets and phones that have Internet access have begun to drastically change the viewing habits of online users, a trend that’s overlapping with gamers. The Entertainment Software Association reports that more than one in three gamers play on their smart phones, meaning that a web site that is not configured for mobile use risks losing out on a huge market demographic. Ensure that your page can be loaded on Android and iOS platforms, while also incorporating mobile-friendly app functions like social media shares in order to boost hand-held visitor rates.

Game Within a Game

Not all smash-hit video games need to have flashy graphics, professional voice acting, or ten-minute long cut scenes. When you want inspiration for your page, look at how Flash games have reaped their successes. Gamers who play and download games from iWin, for example, visit the site due to the bright, feature-heavy layout, the simplicity of use, and the ability to challenge their friends. Consider integrating Flash games into your page, either by outlinking to game developers or by porting the code onto your own site. Give your viewers the chance to read, learn, share, and have fun all at the same time.

Massively Mobile Media

Few buzzwords have caught on in the gaming industry quite like massively-multiplayer online titles, or MMOs. The industry’s constantly on the search for the next MMO cash cow that can rival Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, WoW has just under eight million subscribers who purchase monthly game time on top of the game itself, according to Shareholder. Develop your page with the expectation that an average visitor will have an interest in details about specific MMOs, or will be looking for more general information to get them started playing MMOs.

Social Gaming

While you should promote your page on the usual social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—it can be exhausting to jump from one to the other, keeping updated and posting news. Instead of opening up half a dozen tabs on your Internet browser, use a comprehensive social media app to get all the updates in one spot. Hootsuite lets you view multiple social platforms simultaneously, send out an update that will post to all profiles, and send out invites and friend requests with just a single button. Use these services to promote your gaming website or to keep your ear to the ground about big releases and popular games that everyone wants more news on.

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