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By Mary
We’re serving up a home-cooked meal in this very special episode recorded live from Mary’s own kitchen, featuring characters from James Jamison’s Character Box. We talk with Beatrice, a Minnesotan housewife with tips on the finer points of mall walking and haunted house management, and Dude Bro Ghost Hunter, a YouTube sensation trying to snuff out supernatural activity in Mary’s dining room using nothing but free Iphone apps. All this while Mary tells you how to prepare an easy-but-delicious dish of sweet potatoes, eggs and bacon.

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Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs Over Easy Recipe:
Feeds 2:
4 Eggs
3 Small-medium Sweet Potatoes
1-2 cloves garlic
1 Red or white onion
1 Bell Pepper, color of your choosing
1-2 Cups Kale, stems removed and fed to dog, if dog eats kale
Salt, Pepper, Paprika to taste
Coconut Oil or other cooking oil for pan
1. Peel and cube, or slice sweet potatoes, chop onion, + pepper
2. In large saucepan put burner at med-high heat, add coconut oil until melted, add sweet potato cook for 5-10 minutes, moving around pan to avoid burning lower heat.
3. Add garlic clove and onion- cook until onions are translucent, avoid burning onions, if they start burning, turn pan down further.
4. Add Bell Pepper to pan, cook until tender. All the while moving vegetables around pan to avoid burning and assure even cooking.
5. Add Kale, cook until bright green, try to avoid over cooking- that is why it goes in last.
6. Add some spices: salt, pepper, paprika, ginger?, Braggs liquid aminos? sriracha? Chalula? whatever you like
7. Transfer to 2 bowls. Or if feeding more, more bowls.
8. Rinse veggie residue out of pan, put on med-high burner, add coconut oil.
9. When pan is warm, crack four eggs- one at a time, in the 4 corners of your pan, when cracking be careful not to break the yolk.
10. Cook until white is almost completely cooked (has turned white from its previous transparent state). Grab a spatula, and flip egg. On flip egg only needs to go a few more minutes*, and remove from heat- you don’t want that egg yolk fully cooked, that’d be no fun.
11. Place 2 eggs atop the veggies in one bowl. Grab a spoon or fork, maybe more hot sauce, and enjoy.

Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

How to Make Perfect Bacon: The Bacon Method

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