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Gum ++

We always have a time when we said, “Darn it, I wish i had a power bank with me. My phone is almost dead.” We have reviewed a few Power Banks in the past, and now we have the Gum ++ from Just Mobile. This Power Bank is compact, but still carries enough power to charge your phone multiple times. How well does it work? Lets find out.


The Gum ++ From Just Mobile comes int 3 colors, Black, Gold, and Grey. ┬áThe Power Bank features One USB Charging Port to charge your devices. The Gum ++ can be charged via the MicroUSB Cable hat you use to charge your phone, or the one included in the package. . If you use and Apple device and don’t have a MicroUSB cable, you can use the one that comes with the Gum++. On the top of the Power Bank are 5 green LED Lights that show you the charge status of the Gum++. The power button is also on the top, just below the charge lights. When the Gum++ needs recharged, the last light will start flashing to alert you that it’s time to recharge.

The Gum++ is very easy to use. All you have to do is charge it up till all the lights are lit up, then plug your phone in, push the power button, and your good to go using your phone.

The Gum++ had a 6000mAh battery that will charge your iPhone 5S almost 4 times. Other popular phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Twice), HTC One M8 (Twice), Motorola Moto G (Almost 3 charges), and even power your tablets for extended use.

The Gum++ has a very simple design that is a square shape with rounded corners, The top and bottom are the color you select, and the sides are black. The coloring does have a nice metallic sheen to it, this helps set it apart from all the other mono-tone colored ones.

The Gum++ rapidly charges your phone with a 2.5A output. This is better than some other chargers that only give you 1A or 1.5A . That causes your phone to take longer to reach a full charge.

Overall the Gum++ Power Bank By Just Mobile is a great option to take with you if you need some extra charge for your phone. The small size makes it very portable, and the ability to charge your phone up to 3 times makes it will worth the $69.95 price. Check out for this and all the other great products they feature.