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People are living longer these days. Statistically, most people are living longer due to the advances in medical care and treatment as well as pharmaceutical developments. Many of these modern advances and developments would never have reached the approval stage if there had never been clinical trials administered.

With the growth of the Internet and computer technology, medical and clinical trial administrators have utilized numerous methods to share the information about and findings from their research and testing. These medical researchers and clinical test administrators did not share a central database or clearinghouse, not even on the same college campus or major hospital’s research lab. This led to overlap among researchers working on the same issues without any clue of the research being conducted by others. Also, the methods employed that oftentimes led to inaccurate findings or inadequate testing due to the highly competitive nature of the medical research industry.

There are platforms available that can help medical researchers and clinical trial administrators who work on enhancing and improving health in general, while incorporating the features to register, administer and comply for clinical trials. Not only does this help with clinical trial registration, but there are also platforms available for clinical data transparency that assist clinical trial sponsors with the distribution of clinical trial data with the public. One of the content management development corporations involved in this specialized field is TrialScope. Companies like TrialScope strive to assist and empower clinical trial sponsors with compliance and regulatory issues.