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A high quality pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones should not only reliably stream music from your device of choice, but should also include the trappings of modern luxury sound equipment – the greatest acoustic technology, a convenient user interface, and a snug yet comfortable fit that seems to mold to the head.

If you haven’t shopped around for headphones in a while, you should familiarize yourself with the Tuis Wireless Headphones from Outdoor Tech, a formidable player in this competitive industry. When tech companies try to edge each other out for top dollar, you only stand to benefit. Here are the features you should expect from your next pair of headphones.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

The primary feature of any set of headphones worth their cost is the quality of output they provide.  Find headphones with drivers that are capable of a full range of sound and do not compromise when it comes to internal components. If you intend to use your wireless headphones outside the home, make sure they are not an open-back model, which allows for a great deal of external sound to access the ear.

Finally, you should also ensure that the wireless connection allows for high quality audio broadcasting, as some headphones provide different sets of specifications for wireless and for auxiliary cable usage. Make sure the Bluetooth profiles are certified as A2DP V1.2 or later for crystal clear stereo streaming. 

Convenient Controls

Headphones allow you to listen to music on the move, but if you’re constantly stopping to fumble with your phone or music device, the portability factor of your headphones could be improved. Outdoor Tech’s Tuis headphones are a prime example of thoughtful design featuring external controls allowing you to conveniently switch tracks, change the volume, or even answer a phone call without pulling out your device.

Flexible Use

If you’re investing your money into a pair of premium headphones, you’re going to want to use them as much as possible. By purchasing headphones with widespread connectivity, you’re not limiting your experience to only a certain range of devices. Bluetooth connectivity is a popular method of wireless audio transmission, but older audio equipment relies on auxiliary cable input. While there are cheap converters that allow you to swap between 3.5-millimeter and quarter-inch auxiliary inputs, make sure you find headphones that have an audio jack in the first place.

Don’t only think of flexibility in terms of use, but also as it applies to portability. Some headphones need to be packed delicately to avoid damaging the unit, while others fold into a more convenient shape that allow for safer travel. Always protect your investment by buying more durable electronics. If big bass clear highs, and hassle free usability are what you’re after then Tuis by Outdoor Tech are worth checking out.