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Ever since the Walkman was invented in the 1970s, people have enjoyed taking their music with them, no matter where they go. And as the technology progressed from iPods to smartphones and other handheld devices, it has gotten easier and easier to get your tunes on the go. But, it hasn’t come without hassle.

While applications like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio make it possible for users to listen to music online 24/7, the companies have struggled to find a balance between pleasing their consumers and monetizing their product. Listeners have grown tired of having to pay for radio streaming and of the alternative — having to listen to ads should they opt for their free version. Samsung may have just introduced the answer, however, with their launch of Milk Music.

What is Milk Music?

Milk Music is an ad-free radio streaming service from Samsung that allows listeners to get more of the music they want, absolutely free. Right now, the service is available to Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 (including Active and Mini) Galaxy S5, and Note 2 and Note 3 owners. For now, users can download the app for free in the Google Play Store, though the application may come standard on future devices.

Milk is powered by Slacker Radio and boasts more than 200 ad-free stations featuring 13 million songs. The service can be easily customized based on preferred genre, popularity of the songs and even their release date.

How it Works

Known for their sleek designs, Samsung hasn’t cut corners in design of the Milk Music application, either. The app consists of a unique, interactive dial – reminiscent of the traditional radio dial – that users can turn to seamlessly change between rock, pop, hip hop, punk stations and more. Unlike the radio where you can’t control what’s on, Milk Music is completely customizable and can be selected by genre, popularity of the song and even its release date. And if users still aren’t feeling the tunes, there are six song skips available per hour.

A Quickly Growing Trend

Though the market for listening to music online is already saturated with dozens of options, that hasn’t seem to have an effect on the growth of Milk Music. Since it was introduced in March, Milk Music has already seen an impressive 2 million downloads. And considering the fact that more there are more than 200 million Galaxy owners worldwide, that number is only expected to grow.

Perhaps what sets the service apart is Samsung’s strategy of bringing life to the app. After hitting their 2 million milestone, the company produced a 90-second ad for the service, featuring some of today’s most in-demand acts, including Iggy Azalea, John Legend, Little Dragons, Chromeo and Lady Antebellum.

Music Milk is a great music streaming option for users who own a Samsung device and want to stream free music on the go. With 200 genre stations and 13 million songs, music lovers will have plenty of choices.