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By Mary
We’re trekking all the way to Allentown for our long-awaited meetup with Nina Barbuto from Assemble. An authority on dynamic field of creative technology, she has a lot to share about the role of engineers in society, the financial realities of invention, and the challenges of making technology accessible to the general public. Also discussed: Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles, creative serendipity, and where technology is going to drive this city.

Recorded on location at Sweet Peaches in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Follow them on Twitter @eatsweetpeaches.

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Learn more about the Carnegie Stem Girls at the Carnegie Science Center.

Mentioned in this Episode:
Pittsburgh Comedy Festival
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Tech Shop Pittsburgh
East Liberty Farmer’s Market
LACE (LA Contemporary Exhibitions)
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Source: Brunchburgh