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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and streaming media service that delivers fancy new Unified Communications to older, legacy phone systems.

Essentially, your “older” office phones connect to an PSTN, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line, or PBX (Private Branch eXchange).
The ISDN or PBX then connect over traditional telephony routes to whoever you’re making telephone calls to.


Ok, so my phone system works as it is.   Why do I care?

Look at your phone bill.   That’s why 🙂
Internet based calling can offer much better rates on local and long distance calls.
“Traditional” providers charge for calls to the minute.   VOIP Providers can charge to the second. This can be quite a cost saving on its own.
The lines themselves are less expensive. ISDN and PSTN lines can prove to be costly when compared to SIP trunks.
Some calls over the Internet can even be totally free.



Isn’t VOIP Quality terrible?

Not really.   And this isn’t your typical “VOIP”.   At least, it isn’t how you’re likely imagining it.
SIP doesn’t connect in the way your web browser does.   There are different protocols and different layers passing the call information back and forth, keeping the quality of service as good as, if not better than your traditional calling.


Are there other benefits?

You typically get to keep your existing phone numbers.
Ass other branches, offices, or sites for free, extension based calling between sites.
Manage your phone system from an easy to use Web Portal.
Easily scale your system to meet your needs as you grow.
Check out who is making calls, to where and when by checking your online reporting.


Basically, SIP Trunking can be an inexpensive alternative to ripping out your phone system, and completely replacing it.
SIP Trunking gives you some VOIP phone system benefits while cutting your costs and giving you a leg up on the technology.


Provider Amcom offer tailored SIP Phone solutions – their site is a great way to learn about SIP and what it can do for you.