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unnamedWe are told frequently throughout our lives “Don’t worry what anyone else thinks.” However, there are times in this social media driven world in which it would be beneficial to know how others perceive us. GetYou is an app that has been created simply for this purpose.

GetYou is very simple. Once you sign up (and you can do so through your Facebook account), you are presented with “cards” to choose from. It looks a lot like the old game “Memory.” You select the required number and removes the others from your “deck.” I’m honestly not certain what the purpose of this step is except to break up the flow of the cards.

Each card is simply the picture that each person has uploaded to their profile. You look at the picture and then try to answer 4 questions about this person. Their location, occupation, age, and relationship status seem to be the most commonly offered questions. (You can go into your settings and choose which options are presented.) How well do you think you can guess this information about someone, just off a picture?

I used my Facebook login when I set up my GetYou account, thinking this would be the fastest way. Unfortunately, I had an old photo of me set as my profile picture at the time and I’ve been unable to upload a new photo to GetYou, as it glitches each time I try. So people are looking at a picture of 16 year old me to guess about my life. It’s surprising that some of them are still getting it correct!

Mostly, I think this app is a fun way to pass the time and try to hone your skills of perception. If you have a career in which you need to ensure that you are being perceived in certain ways, it could possibly help you tweak your social media profiles as you see others’ guesses and feedback. This can continue to be useful if the app adds more questions to their randomized list.