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In the world of smartphone retailers, it wasn’t that long ago that Verizon was the top dog. A partnership with the television station The WB gave it the chance to hook shoppers at a young age. They wanted the same phones that they saw their favorite actors using on their favorite shows, and they rushed to Verizon stores in droves. With AT&T and Sprint gaining more of a market share in recent years and more customers looking for pay as you go plans, Verizon looked for ways to get shoppers back into its stores. It hopes that it will succeed with its new destination store.

What is a Destination Store?

A destination store is essentially a store that serves as a major destination for shoppers. They receive things that they cannot get anywhere else, and they’re will to travel farther to shop from those stores. Apple made a name for itself when it turned all of its shops into destination stores. Changing the atmosphere, limiting the number of products out on the floor and putting customers in contact with support staff made Apple one of the top smartphone retailers. Verizon hopes to see the same results with its new store.

What Will the New Store Offer?

Verizon operates a number of retail stores in shopping malls and strip malls and a wide range of standalone shops as well. With its new retail shop, it wants to make a major statement. The shop will feature more than 10,000 square feet of space and both an upper and lower level for shoppers. Those shoppers will have complete access to a team of experts ready and willing to help them with all their shopping needs. The shop will also carry a range of products branded by Verizon, including smartphones and tablets.

Why Build a New Store Now?

One of the first questions that experts asked if why Verizon wants to build a new store now. A spokesperson for the company claimed that it wanted to make shoppers feel more confident and comfortable when buying its products. They want shoppers to get in and out as quickly as possible without feeling stressed or rushed to make a decision. If the destination store remains a success, the company announced that it would later look at building new versions in some of its largest markets.

Response from Customers and Experts

The response from industry experts regarding the new store were generally mixed. Tech guru Ehsan Bayat thinks that this will usher in a new world for Verizon and allow it to compete more effectively in the technology market. Bayat believes that it will help Verizon gain more shares and a greater portion of the market, especially after it introduces some of its newest products.

Other industry experts feel a little differently. Some point out that the destination store resembles the Apple Genius Bar and that Verizon simply took an existing concept and turned it around to fit their needs. With its location in Chicago and the amount of competition in that city, some also wonder if shoppers will actually make the long trek to a destination shop and if shoppers will really leave Apple for other Verizon phones. Once the store opens, experts will have the chance to see whether this plan works for Verizon.