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Quite possibly realizing that razor are generally far too expensive, Procter and Gamble’s Gillette brand has started a “shave subscription plan”.   Maybe taking a leaf out of the Dollar Shave Club way of doing business?

If you’re anything like me, you like to look somewhat presentable when you leave the house, this involves a (almost) daily shaving routine. Because you shave at least several times a week you need razors, and with use razors dull.
Dull blades need to be replaced, and to replace a dull blade you need go to the store and fork over way too much hard earned cash for something tiny, sharp and seldom seen.

For some time, the Dollar Shave Club has been offering an inexpensive alternative to being gauged at the store by offering their own brand of razors and blades for less than $10 per month.   It seems that someone at Gillette thought that the subscription blade service was a great idea – they apparently didn’t look at their pricing, or their competition.

Target, for example, sells Gilette Mach 3 Turbo blades in a 5 cartridge pack for $17.99


Dollar Shave club sells their top end blade subscription – comparable to the Gilette Fusion for $9 per month – for $9 I get 4 cartridges.   I don’t use 4 cartridges per month.   I could throw away 2 and still save money.

So, why use the Gillette Subscription over going to a store?    Why go to a store over using Dollar Shave Club?