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If you are like me, Your  kids destroy the factory lightning cables within a week of getting them. Sure you could go to some bargen store and pick up one for $5, but that one only lasts a week also. LUXA2 has released a MFi  Certified Lightning Cable that can Charge/Sync and is made from Aluminium Connectors and has a nylon braided cable for long life. The cable itself is 3.3 feet long (1 Meter) The plugs have been tested to 3000 plug cycles. Thermaltake is so confident in the Lightning cable, they have included a 1 year warranty. Does it really work? Take a look at these pictures. The cable shown below is the LUXA2 cable after almost 2 months of daily use by my son. As you can see there is still no visible wear and tear on the cable or connectors.


As you can see with this factory white cable, there is already wear and exposed wires after about a month of use.


The MFi Certified Lighting Cable from LUXA2 will both charge your phone in the same amount of time as the factory cable  (fast charging at 2.4A) and transfer data at speeds comparable to the factory cable.This is one of the best upgraded cables out there as you can see by the pictures. The LUXA2 MFi Certified Lighting Cable is available from or Amazon for $19.95